What I Do

Patty Vogan-Geyer is a high energy, engaging and fun presenter who is available for speaking engagements worldwide.
  • Patty customizes her presentation(s) to align with the goals and objectives of your meeting or event.
  • Her content uses real world examples and issues relevant to your audience for great takeaway value.
  • The interaction between Patty and the audience feels like an individual conversation weather it’s a Keynote presentation in front of thousands or a small workshop with 16 people.
If you’re looking for a speaker who can relate to any audience and create a BUZZ at your conference, corporate event, retreat, or professional development training, book Patty today!
Victory Coaches believe in possibilities & life purpose. It’s that simple. Change your thinking, change your life.
One-to-one business coaching is a great experience for anyone possessing the desire and drive to explore new possibilities. Wherever coaching takes place so does change. As you become a better leader your relationships will improve, revenues will increase, and time spent working will decrease.

A Victory Business Coach will help you:

  • Strike a healthy balance between work and play.
  • Create a compelling life purpose with aligned goals.
  • Communicate clearly to be a more effective Leader.

A Victory Business Coach will help your team:

  • Discover and adopt new methods of communication at all levels.
  • Reveal hidden talents and build a community of bridges.
  • Relate to clients, customers and vendors in new & profitable ways.
Spiritual Leadership Coaching
“Patty helped me pay attention to the voice of God at a critical juncture in my life. She helped connect the thoughts in my head with the longings of my soul, which allowed me to have the freedom to dream about the future. She is an excellent coach and mentor.”


Why do people do what they do? We can help you discover the answers through our favorite personality profile developed by Dr. Taylor Hartman, The People Code. You will never see yourself or others the same again. With individual and group coaching all members of the team become better communicators. Let us help you see the possibilities through training.


Vistage members grow their companies faster than their competition. Vistage members become better leaders make better decisions, get better results.