We have all spent countless hours talking at people trying to be heard. Would it be great if we could just teach all bad communicators to be better? Life would be a fountain of endless possibilities if we could fix all those clueless communicators.

Here comes a secret….. we do not have control over others even when we think we do. The good news is that we do have control over ourselves. We define and create our own possibilities.  Communicating well with others is the key.

Be a Winner and learn the fast, easy and fun secrets to unlocking endless possibilities with our communication and leadership training.

Discover Possibility Thinking Workshops

  • Communication
  • 1

    Communication Possibilities

    This enlightening and entertaining course is designed to catapult communication skills to a master level in a short period of time.

    Become a master who uncovers new possibilities by:

    • Being direct, open and authentic
    • Using “I” statements
    • Practicing to make permanent
    • Distinguishing who, what and when
    • Forming winning trifecta teams

  • Balance
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    Maximize Your Energy in the Face of Increasing Demands

    When it comes to business, we live in an age of endless possibilities.  With this we experience heavier workloads, increased demands and greater responsibilities. The cost to both you and your organization may be increased anxiety, low energy, poor concentration, lack of mental focus and decreased productivity.

    Take Away:

    • Lead your organization to Victory without sacrificing life balance
    • Increase mental acuity and decrease mistakes
    • Identify energy drains & refueling stations
    • Design structures and strategies for consistent and sustained performance
    • A customized 30-day plan that will increase your energy and focus

    Attendees will be inspired, motivated and driven to achieve maximum performance in all business and life endeavors!

    Format: 3 to 3.5 hr workshop

  • Personality
  • 3

    The Color Code

    color code executive business workshopExperience the most insightful personality test in existence. Are you a RED, BLUE, WHITE, or YELLOW?  Take our Personality Test, and join the millions of people who have already identified what makes them tick.

    The Color Code Personality Test will help you:

    • Discover what motivates you
    • Identify your natural strengths & overcome your limitations
    • Improve your relationships with others

    Format: 3 to 3.5 hr workshop

  • Behavior
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    Understanding Possibilities in People

    disc workshopWe are all predisposed to certain behaviors and predisposed to react in certain ways.  Instead of getting frustrated, take advantage of all the different personalities that make up your team. All it takes is a clear perspective and deeper understanding of what motivates someone to communicate and respond in a particular way.

    In this interactive workshop, Patty Vogan demonstrates how easy it is to discover possibilities in each and every person you know and work with.

    • Discover their DiSC style and how it effects priorities and relationships
    • Discover others DiSC style to better communicate and relate with each other
    • Create new possibilities by building more effective relationships

    Have a positive impact on your organization’s culture by introducing DiSC.  By establishing a common language productivity increases, teamwork dominates, and customer service far exceeds expectations.

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