Bob McKnight, CEO of Quiksilver once said, “If you’re not having fun, who wants to learn. Patty makes learning fun!”

At Victory Coaching International, we couldn’t agree more. Patty Vogan is a high energy, engaging and fun presenter who is available for speaking engagements worldwide.

• Patty customizes her presentation(s) to align with the goals and objectives of your meeting or event.
• Her content uses real world examples and issues relevant to your audience for great takeaway value.
• The interaction between Patty and the audience ensures lessons, tips, tools and techniques provide immediate take away value to achieve desired results.

patty voganIf you’re looking for a speaker who can relate to any audience and create a BUZZ at your conference, corporate event, retreat, or professional development training, book Patty Vogan today!

Please contact Patty Vogan at 949.248.4221 or  pvogan@victorycoaching.com.

Keynote Presentation

Discover Possibility Thinking – What Seven Years on a Tropical Island Taught Me about Leadership, Love, and Life

In one of his songs, Jimmy Buffet asks, “Ever thought of leaving your dull existence and living on a tropical island?”

In the middle of a successful marketing career, Patty Vogan moved to the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific and opened a scuba diving business. She lived in the warm tropics for seven years and expanded her business to include whale watching, sport fishing, and a water sports booking office.

The first “palangi” female business owner she navigated cultural differences, bureaucratic trials, and personal tribulations. All these adventures taught her universal lessons that she now uses in her dynamic coaching business.

Patty’s crazy stories of life and business in a third-world country will have you laughing, relating and reflecting. The lessons she shares are applicable to all areas of life and leadership.

Format: 60-90 minutes inclusive of Q & A

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