Purposeful Philanthropy


A NEW WAY TO GIVE: Creating Employee Ownership for Charity within YOUR INDUSTRY

Victory Coaching International is deeply committed to helping leave a positive impact on the local community and the world at large.  Victory Coaching will partner with your organization to create a philanthropic endeavor that support the Mission, Vision & Values of your company.

Statistics show when employees are engaged in a mission at work that is greater than themselves it creates a strong sense of loyalty to the company.  A Victory Coach will work with your organization to create an employee driven and managed charitable activity that relates to your specific industry.  With happy and fulfilled employees communication improves on all levels, productivity increases, and turn-around decreases.

To learn more, contact Patty Vogan at pvogan@victorycoaching.com.

“Fun Foodies with a Ton of Love” Success Story


Company: C.H. Belt™ & Associates, Inc.

Mission: C.H. Belt provides innovative ways to supply fruits and vegetables at peak nutritional value as Mother Nature intended.

Action Identified: Use frozen food as a means of charitable giving. A pallet of frozen food is reserved at their warehouse to give to non-profits in need of food.

Victory Coaching ensured the involvement of all C.H. Belt employees by establishing a process by which the employees themselves do the research on where to donate the food. This system brings everyone closer together in the spirit of service. Coming up with a name for their charitable activity was also a collaborative effort. One pallet of food equals one “ton” and they all “love” food, hence “fun foodies”. Inspired employees wear hats with their tag line and proudly explain what they do when people ask about “Fun Foodies with a Ton of Love”.

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